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It All Starts With A Small Change

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. – International Coach Federation

As a certified coach, Susan Ginsberg-O'Sullivan guides you through a process of discovery, reflection, and actions that help you make the changes you want. Together, you will examine the thoughts and behaviors that get in the way and identify new choices that move you towards your goals.

Coaching engagements are highly individualized and responsive to each person's unique situation, circumstances, and goals.

GO' Coaching


​"The Daring Way™ was an excellent workshop.  Susan provided us with a very safe space for large emotions, as well as a safe space for reflection.  This workshop was only the beginning.  Now I need to continue the work.  I wholeheartedly recommend this experience!" 

Jane D., The Daring Way™


"I recommend this workshop. Susan lights your way to awareness."

Theresa R., The Daring Way™ 


"I am grateful for this workshop. It has given me armor made of lace to give vulnerability a place to let me be me."

CathyAnn S., The Daring Way™ 


"I liked the thought provoking questions and the ideas suggested for responding.  It was very helpful for the coach to present her own responses.  It provided a starting off point for the attendees for their own responses.  I found the workshop extremely valuable and would recommend future workshops to friends.  It was excellent."  

Sharon R.

Being Authentic Participant

"I need to express to you how absolutely incredible the workshop was. The group was made up of amazing people and Susan was a fabulous facilitator completely present and involved.  It was as if all the stars aligned. I don't know if I ever was as present as I was in the workshop and as authentic with a group of people I didn't know. I do know that I felt incredibly safe.  I know it had to do with the kindness of the group but also with your aura of competence and caring--I knew that you had my back if I needed it. Thank you again for an amazing experience.  I look forward to doing more with you in the future."

D.S., Daring Way™


"Susan maintains a 'no judgment' zone throughout the entire course. It was very comforting. I didn't realize how much I would get from this course. It was so much more than I expected. Susan's explanations were thorough and helpful. I would recommend this experience to everyone."

Michelle N., The Daring Way™


"This was an extremely valuable workshop. It gave me time to contemplate. I liked the gentle urging from the instructor and aide. I also liked the sharing with the other attendees and the personal sharing from the instructor."


Being Authentic Participant

"I like the open and honest dialogue and creative component of the workshop. I thought the presenter was extremely knowledgeable and found the workshop very valuable."


Being Authentic Participant

"The Daring Way™ workshop was more that I hoped for. I feel like I have been in search of something like this and funny enough, it found me! This was an excellent workshop."

Lisa P., Daring Way™



"Susan's methodologies and encouragement are awesome. I recommend her highly as a career coach."

Pearl P.

Documentary Film Maker

"Any person who sits with Susan even for a few minutes will walk away more motivated and inspired to enhance their own life. She is an excellent coach who is caring, empathetic and wants to help. I walked away with great tips, advice and a pep in my step. I would refer her to anyone looking to make change in their career and life."

Andrea N.

Communications Consultant, Author and Speaker, New York, NY

"Susan has been a fantastic coach through my job search.  She helped me rethink my experience from a different perspective and build a successful personal branding and value proposition.  Susan coached me on how to present myself in senior level interviews.  Thanks to her insights, I was able to land a senior executive position at a high regarded consulting firm.  I would recommend Susan to anyone who is in transition and rethinking their career path."

Nathalie V

Management Consulting Executive, New York,  NY

"Working with Susan and the synchronicity of starting a new career path are no coincidence.  After talking, thinking and reviewing many topics over a several week period, I began to open up to new options and ideas.  I stopped saying no and started to say, why not?  Within one month, I had four job offers, as well as the tools and confidence to head in a new direction.  I couldn't have done it without her!  Thank you for being my springboard into the future!" 

Debby N.

Real Estate Sales, San Diego, CA 

"Susan is a wonderful coach! I met with her at the beginning of a job search which was exciting, fun and fruitful thanks to her guidance and support. After our initial meeting we emailed back and forth and she helped me improve my resumé. She was attentive and patient as I described my situation and helped me hone my sense of what I was looking for. She gave me really insightful, effective recommendations for improving my approach to looking for a job. Her experience in the field, warmth and sense of humor are immediately evident when one meets her, and I highly recommend working with her!"

Emile R.

Digital Journalist

"Susan helped me discover and clarify what I wanted to achieve.  She encouraged self-discovery and I learned that I work better when I am held accountable, which in turn, helps me to produce more and quicker. Because of the decisions I made during the coaching sessions my business process is smoother.  Susan is an excellent coach that can help you get clear and get into action in a very short amount of time." 

Juan Carlos Bernal

International Leadership Consultant, Author and Business Growth Coach, Miami, FL
GO' Coaching